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He's Got the Whole World - #513

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This traditional song is said to have been inspired by the Biblical quotation "In His Hands is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind" from Job 12:10. Some who sing "He's Got the Whole World" in churches or during religious revivals classify it as a spiritual instead of traditional song. There are several versions of it, although thematically each sounds nearly identical. The most common renditions begin with the title words "He's got the whole world in his hands" and consist of about five verses, much of their wording repetitive. There is a more obscure version that begins with an introduction, its opening line placing the word "wide" before "world." The song consists of a single melody with no secondary material or development, the lively, rhythmic tune just repeating throughout. It is an unusual creation, its contour almost jagged in the manner the notes move up and down. There are three key notes that appear throughout, coming on the words "In His hands." The mood of the music is joyously celebratory, and while it is repetitious, most lovers of traditional songs and spirituals will find an occasional hearing worth their while.
~ Robert Cummings, All Music Guide

This fine calligraphic interpretation by Timothy Botts is available as:

- 10 X 10 Poster Print on heavyweight matte paper for $17.00.
- 12 X 12 Limited Edition, signed and numbered (250) Giclee Print, reproduced on archival paper for $40.00.
- NOT available framed.

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